TalentView: Sylvia Wulf

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    Talking to Sylvia Wulf, CEO of AquaBounty Technologies, about aquaculture is… ‘different’. Hers is not the story of someone always interested in the sea or fish; she came to the industry after her previous job required her to select suppliers that ensured the sustainability of their seafood products. This led her to understand not only the business of aquaculture but also why it is so essential for the planet’s future. “I became familiar with aquaculture, and I think it’s fascinating”, she explains.

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines fascination as “a powerful attraction that makes something very interesting”. Seen in this light, some might think Sylvia is a convert, but she is a believer. She believes “in the promise of aquaculture” and its critical role as we move forward. She is convinced that her company can do much to feed the world by transforming aquaculture with technology. She wants to achieve this by attracting the right talent, creating a career for people and ensuring animal welfare. Sylvia Wulf is not a preacher, nor does she even try to be. Her conviction and commitment are such that, inevitably, they are contagious. Listening to her is inspiring and makes us want to join her to fulfill the promise of aquaculture.

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