Bankruptcy for Norway’s FiiZK aquaculture supply companies

    Five of the eight companies forming the FiiZK group are declared bankrupt, only days after 80% stake was sold to investors.

    Grieg Seafood’s 2Q2023 performance has challenges and future strategies

    Grieg Seafood has presented its results for the second quarter of 2023, a complex background in which the company as settled a plan.

    Mowi “all-time high” in Q2 results

    Norwegian salmon producer Mowi reports "all-time high" revenue of 1,365 million euros in Q2, performing well in all divisions.

    50,000 Maine salmon lost to hungry seals, says Cooke Aquaculture

    Cooke says that the missing fish appear to have been eaten by predatory seals, and is assessing how to prevent future incidents.

    Gigante Salmon’s ambitious project moves forward amid financial challenges

    Gigante Salmon has presented its 2Q 2023 results in which it has shown deep progress in the construction of its facilities in Lille Indre Rosøya, Norway.

    Alexander Frøyseth is the new CFO of Steen-Hansen

    "We are very pleased to have Alexander join our team. His shipping experience brings new and valuable knowledge that will be leveraged," said Ulrk Ulriksen, the CEO.

    Andfjord Salmon’s first harvest: strong results and survival rate

    Andfjord Salmon close its first harvest with excellent results. Some of the data that give an idea of the success is the closing with a total biomass of Atlantic salmon reached 646,000 tons, with an average weight of 3.4 kilograms per fish and an exceptional survival rate.

    Remote electronic monitoring coming to UK fishing boats

    Transition to REM needed for better fisheries management and to give consumers and retailers confidence in sustainability, argues Defra.

    Peru’s acceptance strengthens WTO agreement on fisheries subsidies

    Yesterday, Peru formally accepted the WTO Fisheries Subsidies Agreement of the 12MC held in Geneva, Switzerland.

    First Highly Protected Marine Areas in England launched today

    The newly designated HPMAs Allonby Bay, North East of Farnes Deep and Dolphin Head are the first three marine areas in England to receive highest levels of protection.

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