Antibiotic-contaminated shrimp from Asia rejected by FDA is U.S.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released data on seafood line-of-entry rejections in May. Among the results, three of those rejections (2.9%) were of shrimp for reasons related to banned antibiotics.

    1 million dollar agreement between Blue Star and Bloomin’ Brands for next level menus

    Blue Star Foods has signed a new USD 1 million (EUR 928,16 million) supply agreement with Bloomin' Brands. Although the new contract was announced in June, it began in April and will run through the remainder of 2023.

    Blue Food Innovation Summit closes successful first day

    Data, feed, seaweed and blue food investment were among the topics up for discussion on today's agenda.

    West Australian yellowtail jack mackerel hatchery plan into the waste-paper bin

    The West Australian state government has canceled its plan to build an AUD 10 million yellowtail kingfish hatchery in Geraldton. According to reports, the government's decision is due to Huon Aquaculture's uncommitted involvement in the project.

    Jamaica moves forward in the development of the blue economy

    Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Pearnel Charles Jr. announced last Tuesday a package of incentives for fish farmers that will make it easier for them to access the industry.

    In short, the most important details of the “salmon tax”

    Yesterday the final government proposal on salmon taxes in Norway was released. The main changes are explained in seven questions.

    The “salmon tax” proposal will be presented today to the King-in-Council

    Throughout the morning the Norwegian government will present a proposal for a resource rent tax on aquaculture (known as...

    FoodTechBangladesh: the Dutch-Bangladeshi MoU to improve aquaculture

    A Dutch-Bangladeshi consortium and the Ministry of Fisheries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop a framework for technology exchange and collaborative business in aquaculture: FoodTech Bangladesh.

    Skjæran, the Norwegian Fisheries Minister, wants sustainable and fish-awareness industry

    According to Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, Bjørnar Selnes Skjæran, Norway’s seafood industry has been a record export in 2022 but must incorporate technology, new methods, and species to maintain and reach new markets.

    RE:OCEAN and Natsu Foods aligned with sustainable salmon for sushi

    The Swedish salmon farm RE:OCEAN and the sushi provider Natsu Foods have signed an agreement to serve the fresh...

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