Seaweed will be part of the Fish Export Act in Norway

    The Norwegian Parliament has unanimously agreed to extend the Fish Export Act to cover seaweed. This would mean that seaweed would be officially classified in Norway as seafood.

    Nova Scotia and its economic potential to gain millions from kelp farming

    The Ecology Action Center (EAC) has released a new market assessment report highlighting Nova Scotia's potential for kelp farming. The study projects a potential market worth millions over the next three to five years.

    Startup MACROCARBON to cultivate Sargassum seaweed in the Canary Islands

    Sargassum macroalgae are able of producing new raw materials for the chemical industry while fixing large amounts of CO2.

    Seafields seeks investors for “world’s largest” open-ocean farm

    UK aquaculture company Seafields seeks investors to begin work on its modular seaweed farm, planned to expand to an area the size of Portugal.

    Seaweed aquaculture researcher wins “outstanding contribution” award on International Women’s Day

    Women in Scottish Aquaculture recognises Professor Elizabeth Cottier-Cook's contribution to aquaculture education and research on the global seaweed industry.

    Cermaq and Folla Alger test the combined farming of salmon and kelp

    This is the world's first sea site built for the combined production of both salmon and kelp, which will be grown inside the farm.

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