Austevoll Seafood takes note and keeps working

    Austevoll Seafood ASA (AUSS) published its 2022 annual report with a record year, although there are some areas to work on.

    Cermaq Canada “disappointed” to have to go through the courts

    “Our industry’s future appears increasingly dictated by out of touch Ottawa political priorities” stated Cermaq Canada in their communiqué.

    A children’s book to teach about Aquaculture importance in food, jobs and talent

    ‘Carl's Fish Farm: An Introduction to Aquaculture’ is the title of the latest book by children's author K. Michelle Edge. The story, an educational picture book, is designed to introduce young readers to aquaculture and its possibilities as a source of sustainable food and future jobs and talent. A family business Passionate about the environment, the book's author, K. Michelle Edge, grew up on a fish farm in Soperton, GA USA, earned a degree in Natural Resources, and has worked in wildlife education centers, taught fish and wildlife management classes at a tech college, etc. As she says, "I’ve always been a wildlife educator in shape, form, or fashion". Like her, Carl, a catfish and the main character in the story, has also grown up on a fish farm. From his hand - or should we say...

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