Norway may alter “traffic light” system and start taxing salmon lice

    Norway government report recommends "comprehensive management system" for aquaculture, including taxing sealice and changing licencing rules.

    The environmental and controversy debate of SBAP resurfaces in Chile

    The MMA of Chile announced a statement about suspending the granting of new commercial activities within protected areas.

    The Fukushima water spill is starting to take its toll on Japanese seafood products

    The first consequences of the prohibitions that China and Hong Kong imposed on Japanese seafood related to Fukushima are starting to be seen.

    NOAA accused of inaction by congressmen over Wespac problem

    NOAA is criticized for not taking decisive action regarding Wespac by several Democrats on the House Natural Resources Committee in the U.S.

    Will the Icelandic government clamp down on aquaculture?

    Fiskistofa proposes drastic measures to prevent farmed salmon from mixing with wild salmon in rivers.

    Historic High Seas treaty ratified by almost 70 countries

    The "High Seas" treaty, Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ), comes into force 120 days after formal ratification.

    Peru to prioritize credits for fishermen affected by the cancellation of the anchovy season

    "My administration will prioritize credit facilities for the fishing sector," said Peru's new Minister of Production, Ana María Choquehuanca.

    “A Crisis of Our Own Making” the SSA report describing the shrimp oversupply problem

    The SSA, in its research report titled "A Crisis of Our Own Making," described the problem of the oversupply of shrimp worldwide.

    Baltic Sea fishing opportunities proposal released

    The European Commission has submitted a proposal on fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2024: TACs and environmental concerns.

    Visits to Japan in the vicinity of Fukushima to gain support

    Last Thursday, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel visited the Fukushima region. The objective: gain international support.

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