Norway may alter “traffic light” system and start taxing salmon lice

    Norway government report recommends "comprehensive management system" for aquaculture, including taxing sealice and changing licencing rules.

    “Choose Seafood with Standards” the GSA campaign to learn about BAP products

    The Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) has announced the launch of its second campaign, "Choose Seafood with Standards".

    Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary in California released

    NOAA unveiled a from the Biden-Harris Administration: the establishment of the "Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary" in California.

    EU to ban “greenwashing” and improve consumer information

    Only sustainability labels based on approved certification schemes or established by public authorities will be allowed, under new EU rules.

    Historic High Seas treaty ratified by almost 70 countries

    The "High Seas" treaty, Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ), comes into force 120 days after formal ratification.

    Scottish Fishermen’s Federation blasts “naïve” fish stocks report

    The SFF rejects "naïve" Oceana report saying UK fish stocks in "critical" situation: Scotland has "very well managed fisheries", says Chief Executive Elspeth Macdonald.

    USD 200 million to electrify Ecuador’s shrimp farms

    This development aligns with international sustainability standards and prepares Ecuador's shrimp farms for a more sustainable and economically stable future.

    Half of UK’s key fish stocks “critical”, says Oceana report

    The UK's cod stocks are critically low, while mackerel is overfished.

    Farming salmon in the desert? Ocean Harvest seeks $180m funding

    Abu Dhabi-based company seeks "strategic investors" in its Series A funding round, for proposed RAS salmon facilities in the United Arab Emirates.

    Noray to transform the shrimp industry to sustainability

    Benjamin Ajo, Noray's new CEO, confirms that his predecessor, Bjørn Aspheim, will continue to support the company in this task of achieving a more sustainable shrimp industry.

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