Making offshore aquaculture a reality

    WeAreAquaculture interviewed Hans V. Bjelland, Director of Norway’s EXPOSED research center, to find out more about the future of offshore.

    Blue Food Innovation Summit takes place next week in London

    Two action-packed days of discussions on aquaculture, sustainability and innovation are ahead. Follow WeAreAquaculture for updates!

    United Nations calls for global expansion of sustainable aquaculture

    Aquaculture plays a critical role in global food security, but needs support to develop sustainably, argues the FAO in a new publication.

    Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre celebrates 100th project

    The Scottish Centre is hosting a summit debating the future of aquaculture, the same week it reaches its 100th funded project "milestone".

    Startup MACROCARBON to cultivate Sargassum seaweed in the Canary Islands

    Sargassum macroalgae are able of producing new raw materials for the chemical industry while fixing large amounts of CO2.

    Cargill and Skretting partner with WWF to fund sustainable fisheries

    The new Fisheries Improvement Fund aims to catalyze more than $100 million in investment in fisheries improvement by 2030.

    Seafields seeks investors for “world’s largest” open-ocean farm

    UK aquaculture company Seafields seeks investors to begin work on its modular seaweed farm, planned to expand to an area the size of Portugal.

    Scottish Government urged to “reflect and rethink” Highly Protected Marine Areas

    Criticism mounts over the Scottish Government's plans to restrict aquaculture and fishing around Scotland's coasts with new HPMA designations.

    Australis Seafood continues debating fraud among owners

    Quiroga plans to file a complaint with the China Securities Regulatory Commission alleging that Joyvio provided false information to the market.

    Washington state partners with Blue Sustainable to explore on-land aquaculture

    Hilary Franz signed a partnership agreement with Sustainable Blue to determine the implementation of sustainable finfish on-land aquaculture.

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