Challenging period for global aquaculture in 2H 2023

    According to Rabobank's Global Aquaculture Update 2H 2023, demand will remain weak, prices will be lower, and profitability will be eroded by fishmeal shortages.

    People in Norway eat less fish and seafood than in 2003

    The Norwegian Seafood Council has released shocking figures revealing that fish and seafood consumption in Norway hit its lowest level since 2003.

    Challenging times for Norway but remains solid in seafood exports

    Norway exported seafood products worth NOK 13.1 billion in May. These figures represent a 7% increase compared to the same month in 2022. These figures are attributed to the weakness of the NOK.

    Norway did it again: seafood export value up 22% in Q1 2023

    However, the Norwegian Seafood Council warns that behind the numbers, the picture is not as so positive. Export value rises, but the volume of key species such as salmon and cod falls.

    US seafood sales fell by nearly 4% in 2022, says consumer report

    Inflation and higher seafood prices meant US shoppers looked for cheaper protein alternatives, according to the FMI.

    Fake label? Conagra and Bumble Bee made into defendants by their consumers

    Conagra and Bumble Bee are facing class action lawsuits against consumers over the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainable labeling on their products. The appeal, which has been filed separately in federal courts in Illinois and California, seeks damages of about $5 million (€4.7 million).

    Prices go up but customers do not go down

    The trifecta of skyrocketing food, labor, and energy prices are some of the consequences and challenges that are suffering food service operators despite the increase in total annual sales in U.S. restaurants in January.

    Austevoll Seafood in South America more expected that achieved

    Austevoll Seafood ASA Group (AUSS) had a higher total revenue...

    NovoMar is Ready to Meet a New Challenge

    NovoMar, formerly known as Platina Seafood, has undergone a rebranding...

    A record January for Norwegian seafood exports

    Norway exported seafood products worth NOK 12.700 million (€1.156 million,...

    Mowi cleared of price-fixing allegations

    The Department of Justice in the USA has informed Mowi...

    Japanese yen depreciation gives seafood companies consolidated earnings in Europe and North America

    The Japanese food service industry has taken longer than other...

    Experts welcome salmon Christmas campaign

    The price of salmon will raise to 15 percent next...

    Leroy’s harvest volume reduced and weaker farming growth than expected

    According to Lerøy Seafood Group's Q3 2022, Earnings in the...

    “The tax will hit harder and wider than what was intended,” Norwegian report suggests

    The challenges of the salmon tax report outline that the...

    Salmones Camanchaca gets additional net income thanks to high salmon prices

    Salmones Camanchaca reported an additional net income of USD 22...

    The value of Norwegian seafood exports in August as high as whole 1990

    The CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council, Børge Grønbech, has...

    The aquaculture sector benefits from UN’s Ukrainian under grain export deal1

    Presumably, the aquaculture sector will and is experiencing good sensations...

    How much would you be willing to pay?

    Inflation is a word that has increased its presence lately...

    30 potential candidates to buy Viciunai Group’s Russian operations

    It will complete the multi-stage process in two months Viciunai Group's...

    Analysts debate when the price of salmon will stabilize

    During a Fish Pool/DNB seminar in Barcelona Fish Pool and...

    First-quarter leaves us with remarkable investment in the aquaculture sector

    It translates in a more promising scenario than 2021's The first...

    Hot stories

    Iceland’s IS Haf Investments buys 53% of land-based salmon project

    IS Haf invests undiclosed sum in land-based salmon venture Thor Landeldi, planning a 20,000 ton facility in southern Iceland.

    Breakthrough wreckfish larval protocol opens new avenues for aquaculture

    The IEO successful larval culture protocol for wreckfish may lead to its commercial breeding for aquaculture.

    Mariculture’s Smart Fish Farm project in Norway continues moving forward

    Mariculture, the wholly-owned company of SalMar Aker Ocean AS, has obtained the green light from the Fisheries Directorate for an intelligent fish farm in the Norwegian Sea.

    Horace Dawson will be the new CEO of Red Lobster, also joining its board of directors

    Horace Dawson will be the new CEO of Red Lobster, also joining its board of directors and Paul Kenny will be the Chairman of the Board.