TalentView: Joachim Nielsen

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    Joachim Nielsen is Norwegian, from Bergen, so the fact that aquaculture crossed his path is not surprising, even if it was not his first choice. The extraordinary thing about his story, however, is that his commitment to an industry so closely associated with his hometown has ended up taking him halfway around the world, to Japan. Joachim has traded the view of the fjords for a no less spectacular one, that of Mount Fuji. At its feet is the facility of Proximar Seafood, the land-based Atlantic salmon farming company of which he is CEO and co-founder.

    The industrial and cultural challenge ahead of him is undoubtedly huge, but the confidence he shows when he talks about his trust in people, team spirit and communication, makes anyone who listens to him not doubt that he will succeed. Joachim Nielsen is more than motivated, and he has a secret: “this feeling of being wanted”.

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