TalentView: Eleanor Lawrie

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    “Basically, if there’s water… I’m there!”, so ends Eleanor Lawrie’s introduction on her LinkedIn profile. To that, we add that when you’re always near water, sometimes it’s inevitable that you’ll get carried away by the current. But the good thing about going with the flow is that it can take you to places you might never have imagined, like becoming Mowi Scotland’s first female deckhand.

    When she graduated from the Scottish Association For Marine Science (SAMS) with a degree in Marine Science she was already interested in fishing and aquaculture, but her passion for shipboard work came later, exactly 9 months before she got it. Time enough to give rise to a new life, hers on a workboat. In this same LinkedIn profile, Eleanor says that she enjoys “any task related to the sea, even in the smallest way”, and so it is, but after talking to her we can say that there is one she enjoys the most. Since she gets paid for it, let’s call it a job, but as she talks about it, we might as well call it passion.

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