Talent View: Katherine Ayala

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    Katherine Ayala

    Today on Talent View. I had the opportunity to have a chat with Katherine Ayala. She is 32 years old and she is a fisheries Engineer in Peru. Her first job experience was as a resident engineer in a project that was aiming to create protocols for bay workers in a Scallop harvesting site. These workers were used to extracting the product. And the whole idea of the project was to help them understand how important it was to also cultivate and hatch the Scallops.

    When we think of Peru the first thing that crosses our minds are the Incas, Nazca Circles, and the Machu Picchu. A beautiful country, with amazing archeological sites, magnificent culture, and great people. They started developing their aquaculture industry back in 1934, raising Rainbow Trout mainly for sport fishing purposes. In the 70s they started harvesting Prawns. And then it was in the 80s when they started raising Tilapia and Scallops (Concha Abanico), which became a pretty intensive industry up until this day, along with prawns. Most of the Prawn production (7.311 Tons per year) is focused on Tumbes and Piura. As for Scallops (2.961 Tons per year) is located in Ancash and Lima, mainly.

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