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Techano Oceanlift, a recently-acquired subsidiary of Nekkar ASA, has successfully delivered and commissioned an upgraded live fish transfer system for SalMar Aker Ocean‘s pioneering offshore fish farm, Ocean Farm 1.

Ocean Farm 1 is the world’s first offshore fish farm, designed to test out both the biological as well as the technological aspects of offshore fish farming. It has a diameter of 110 metres, 68 metres in height, and holds a volume of 250,000 cubic metres.

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However, as offshore aquaculture expert Hans Bjelland (SINTEF) explained to WeAreAquaculture in a recent interview, the large size and harsh conditions involved in offshore farming mean that operations such as fish transfer require specialized solutions to ensure they can run smoothly while safeguarding fish health and welfare.

New system shows “good results”

Techano Oceanlift, which was acquired by Nekkar in March 2023, was awarded a contract in March 2022 to provide two FTS500 fish transfer systems for Ocean Farm 1. Following delivery of the facility this winter to Aker Solutions’ Verdal yard, where the offshore fish farm underwent an upgrade, the first live fish transfer operations were recently carried out with the new system.

“We have received feedback from SalMar Aker Ocean that the first fish transfer operations went smoothly, keeping stress levels for the fish to a minimum,” said Øystein Bondevik, director of business development and sales at Techano Oceanlift. “They challenged us to design a system that would secure optimal fish welfare, so we are delighted that the first operations showed good results.”

Techano Oceanlift’s FTS500 live fish transfer system. Photo: Nekkar ASA / Techano Oceanlift.

Norway-based specialists in offshore aquaculture engineering

The FTS500 system includes safety measures such break away couplings and escape prevention valves. Each system consists of two sets of pipes and hoses – one for delivery and return of fish and one treatment line – with individual valves in high grade materials for marine protection. The valves have failsafe operation in case of loss of power or emergency disconnect.

Techano Oceanlift specializes in load-handling and lifting equipment for various industries, including aquaculture, renewables, offshore, and marine. The company conducted all engineering and project management for the Ocean Farm 1 project from its headquarters in Kristiansand, Norway, and the majority of the fish transfer systems were manufactured in Norway.

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“Techano Oceanlift has a strong position within load handling and lifting equipment onboard fish farms operating in exposed and offshore conditions,” said Nekkar CEO, Ole Falk Hansen. “This is a perfect fit for Nekkar’s strategy to develop new products that can unlock new growth opportunities for the aquaculture industry.”

About Nekkar ASA

Nekkar applies superior engineering, electrification, automation, and digitalisation competence to develop disruptive technologies that can make high-growth industry sectors even more sustainable, productive and profitable. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

About Techano Oceanlift

Techano Oceanlift is a world-leading supplier of advanced loadhandling equipment within Offshore, Marine, Renewable and Aquaculture industries.

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