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A new species joins the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainability certification: California Market Squid. Thus, three of the industry’s leading names, Lund’s Fisheries, Del Mar Seafoods, and Silver Bay Seafoods, celebrated the achievement under scrutiny by SCS Global Services.

With a century-old legacy, the California Market Squid fishery spans the length of the state from north to south. It is the only purse seine fishery specializing in squid in the nation and now also stands as a beacon of responsible practices.

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Moreover, this fishery transcends national boundaries, finding its primary demand in both Europe and Asia. These two markets not only emphasize the significance of the product but also prioritize sustainability throughout its production.

MSC certification underlines the fishery’s compliance with strict criteria. It includes sound stock health, effective fishery management policies, and minimal environmental impact, as stipulated by the MSC guidelines. These standards, while not simple, are intended to ensure the sustainability of the fishery.

“Over the course of 15 months, SCS Global Services assessed the California market squid fishery, evaluating its fishing practices, environmental impact, and management system against the best practices set forth by the Marine Stewardship Council,” said Jason Swecker, SCS’ Managing Director of Seafood. “This MSC certification not only acknowledges the fishery’s achievement but also highlights the industry’s collective strides towards sustainability.”

Thus, with this achievement, the California squid will be another new responsible seafood product, which despite having good roots, was not certified until now. The final report from SCS Global Services praises the strengths of the fishery, highlighting “documented adaptive management strategies, regular management reviews.” It also added: “rigorous dockside sampling, minimal bycatch and implementation of innovative ecosystem-based management strategies.” Fifteen months have seen the step-by-step progress of this type of fishery that has achieved its goal.

Three companies that have demonstrated quality and sustainability

Wayne Reichle, President of Lund’s Fisheries, was proud and stressed the importance of the collaborative efforts. “Aligning with two esteemed California squid producers, alongside SCS and MSC, reaffirms our commitment to the enduring viability of the California market squid fishery. As pioneers in sustainable seafood, our legacy spans three generations, a testament to the dedication of our fishermen, plant employees, and valued customers. The MSC certification distinguishes us as the sole U.S. seafood producer.

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On the other hand, Carter Goetz, In-House Counsel for Del Mar Seafood, echoed the sentiment, stating. “At the core of our family-operated enterprise, spanning three generations, lies an unwavering devotion to sustainability and the preservation of our oceans. This MSC certification epitomizes our continuous mission to foster a thriving future for our enterprise and the marine ecosystem.”

Finally, Cora Campbell, President and CEO of Silver Bay Seafoods, said that is not their first time. “Silver Bay Seafoods participates in many MSC certified fisheries in Alaska. Expanding our relationship to encompass the California market squid fishery is a natural next step to offering our customers across the globe access to a full suite of certified products.”

About Marine Stewardship Council

The Marine Stewardship Council actively works as an international non-profit organization. Their mission is to protect marine ecosystems and promote responsible fishing practices. Fisheries that meet the MSC’s strict criteria can award the MSC certification. To achieve it, it takes into account sustainability, including minimizing environmental impacts and ensuring effective management.

About Lund’s Fisheries

Lund’s Fisheries, a third-generation family-owned company based in Cape May, N.J., is a major player in the production of fresh and frozen seafood. With an annual output of around 75 million pounds of fish, the company’s reach spans national and global exports. Lund’s Fisheries is unwavering in its commitment to sustainable fishing practices. By implementing systems to adhere to responsible limits, and ensuring traceability to harvest locations the company underscores its dedication.

About Del Mar Seafoods

Established in 1988, Del Mar Seafoods stands as a vertically integrated seafood producer and processor, recognized for its leading production. Processing approximately 30 million pounds of California market squid annually, the company’s prowess is reinforced by the Ocean Angel Fleet, comprising 11 purse seine vessels. So, through its flagship brand, Ocean Angel Calamari, the company offers its squid selections, catering to domestic and global markets. Rooted in family ownership, the company’s mission is to provide premier seafood while fostering a sustainable fishery.

About Silver Bay Seafoods

Silver Bay Seafoods is an integrated processor of frozen, salmon, herring and squid products for domestic and export markets. We began in 2007 as a single salmon processing facility in Sitka, Alaska. Today, Silver Bay is one of the largest seafood companies in Alaska, operating throughout Alaska and the West Coast.

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