AquacultureTalent: A New Platform Connecting The Best Talent To Amazing Companies


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    The concept of aquaculture – also known as fish or shellfish farming – has always played a vital role to our environment. Especially when it comes to harvesting of plants and animals in all types of water environments including pools, lakes, oceans and rivers – aquaculture producers have been seen as true experts in farming all kinds of freshwater and marine species of fish.

    Aquaculture has been a growing trend over the past decade. However, its digital approach is still limited – therefore limiting the potential of aquaculture and the talent it introduces us to.

    Aquaculture & Recruitment: From Challenge To Development

    Let’s face it – nowadays, there are a lot of industries that have challenges which are rather unreachable. Aquaculture is definitely one of these industries where the challenges are limited and tangled with many different legislations in each country.

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    These challenges not only limit the growth and development of aquaculture as an actual culture – they also prevent its future and all the benefits it may reap. From the aquaculture studies to the actual jobs and companies that are hiring talents in this sphere, the limits are endless.

    The number of limitations and challenges in our scene were among the main factors that motivated us to finally break all the boundaries, and establish the first Aquaculture Talent pool in the world – a recruiting service tailored to the needs of the aquaculture expertise. Serving each and every side of this ‘talent pool’ – we help both companies to find their ideal staff and candidates to find their next job or project.

    AquacultureTalent is the first staffing solution that steps out of the comfort zone in aquaculture as an industry. We aim to bring the cultural benefits, activities and value of aquaculture in the first place – and be the one-stop destination for all the talents and companies seeking their next recruitment.

    The Process Of AquacultureTalent: How Our Staffing Solutions Help Businesses & Talents

    Aquaculture has always been a culture that deserves more awareness and centered focus – not only from the audience, but also among job seekers and companies that hire aquaculture specialists.

    That is why we have established AquacultureTalent, through a threefold process that centers on Talents, Companies and Hiring Process. These three links offer everyone a chance to get involved in aquaculture. For talents, it means expanding their expertise and involving them in projects and jobs on an international level. For companies, it means stepping out from the comfort zone and finding the best talents internationally.

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    With CV uploads, references and previous history, AquacultureTalent helps talents find their dream job in the prism of aquaculture. The ‘Process’ is what combines these three aspects and results in hiring talents and expanding the opportunities for both them and the companies interested in promoting their business.

    The model structure of AquacultureTalent is simple and based on company profiles, employer branding, job slots and talent solutions. Each of these aspects is unique on its own, however different in terms of its contribution to the platform. Every new member can visit the Talent Registration page, check the TalentPool and see the Career Pages. Companies can benefit from Job Advertising and find the best talents in their area – or internationally.

    To sum it up, AquacultureTalent introduces advertising/talent hiring:

    • The AquaTalented model, where we focus on high-end recruitment and guarantee the most premium talent handpicked for every company. This model is run by our Top Recruiters and makes the most of the hiring process, laying out the best-fit candidates for each job role.


    AquacultureTalent is the bridge to a better digital presence, connecting companies to talents and vice-versa. It introduces everyone to a better understanding of aquaculture as a whole – and creates a hub for like-minded and educated people. Developed and maintained by experts in the field, it is a model that is built too last, along with the awareness for this culture and the benefits it brings to the world, making it a better place.

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