Should pioneering companies lead by example in the seafood industry?

    They are leading the way, yes, but are they also obliged to be exemplary and share their knowledge or are they more entitled to keep it secret? We spoke to some of them to get their opinion.

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    We have all talked, heard, or read about the vital importance of having a good leader to achieve success in any business or organization. Most of the time we have done it from the perspective of Human Resources, we ourselves at WeAreAquaculture have dedicated articles to it, talking about leadership styles or overcoming challenges as a leader. However, today we would like to do it from a different perspective, talking not about people but about companies. Should the top or pioneering companies lead by example? Are those at the top of the market or those who are laying the foundations of a new business obliged to do so? Or, on the contrary, should they keep their secrets to themselves in an attempt to be the only ones? We have asked some of them and this is what they think.

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