Sea2Table4.0 a mix of cutting-edge tech at the service of Nueva Pescanova

    "This project exemplifies that local talent and global vision can go a long way," said Luis Pérez, general manager of Gradiant.

    The Nueva Pescanova Group presented yesterday the results of Sea2Table4.0, an R&D&I project developed in collaboration with ASM Soft and the Gradiant technology center. This project aimed to create Pescanova 4.0 plant with automated and interconnected processes using technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, and machine learning. Through this project, it has been possible to improve sustainability and efficiency in the Chapela, Porriño, and Arteixo plants.

    “This project stems from our vocation to continue advancing in innovation and sustainability, two fundamental pillars in the Group,” explained Marta Otero, Industrial general manager of the Nueva Pescanova Group. “We have established robust synergies with our partners. As a result, we have succeeded in creating a smarter and more sustainable factory model that involves major improvements in management, governance, and efficiency.”

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    With these words, Gradiant’s head office in Vigo, Galicia, Spain, hosted an event attended by several names related to Sea2Table4.0. Among them were also Patricia Argerey, director of the Axencia Galega de Innovación, and Cesáreo Barciela, manager of ASM Soft.

    During the meeting, the main challenges faced by the three members of the consortium in designing and implementing the digital model were presented. As a result, the model focuses on real-time interconnection of information, agile decision-making, traceability, personnel training, more efficient plant management and governance, and sustainable processes.

    Strengthening the leadership of the Galician industry

    Luis Pérez, general manager of Gradiant, spoke of the satisfaction of putting technology at the industry’s service. A fact that helps to “strengthen the leadership of the Galician industry. Especially in a sector as globally competitive as the food sector and so traditionally important for the Galician economy. This project exemplifies that local talent and global vision can go a long way.”

    The project, subsidized by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Industry and Innovation and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, closed the presentation positively. A project that has developed an interconnected multi-factory digital twin with which the Group’s plants in Galicia have access in real-time to relevant information for their operations.

    About Nueva Pescanova

    Nueva Pescanova is a leading Spanish multinational company in the seafood industry. Thus, they have a strong presence across the entire value chain, encompassing fish farming, processing, and distribution. In addition, they have operations in 80 countries, working with over 70 different species of fish and seafood.

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    About ASM Soft

    ASM Soft, S.L. offers personalized business solutions with a highly experienced team of over 30 professionals from diverse backgrounds. Their commitment to personalized service and accessible team members ensures swift decision-making support.

    About Gradient

    Gradiant is a telecommunications and information technology company that originated in the 1980s near the University of Vigo. Its principal mission is to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into the processes and products developed by businesses. Thus, the company focuses on providing solutions that enhance connectivity, intelligence, and security, empowering businesses to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

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