The Holidays and Employer Branding


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    In all honesty, it feels like Christmas 2020 was just last week, I was not expecting this year to end this fast. But now that the world is spinning faster and we need to keep going with life, I wanted to take a moment to walk you through the importance of Employer Branding during the holidays. The world is spinning faster but it seems to stop for some people during this time of the year. Not for the Aquaculture industry though. We have talked about this in the past, the fish do not care about holidays, days off, or 9-5 jobs. So, every organization in the Aquaculture and Seafood industry needs to keep going during these times where the rest of the world seems to stop? Apparently. Some people might find this discouraging, others might find it stimulating.

    Deck the halls for this season to be jolly, and … Set your Employer Branding Strategy Straight! December is mostly a season where companies all around the globe are planning next year’s targets and making decisions towards growth and evolution. On a personal level, we take the time to contemplate and reflect on our year and make decisions and closures. As an employer, you want to consider and evaluate how your Employer Branding Strategy functioned this past year. Analyze all the talent that joined you, as well as all the talent that left. Examine and determine how company growth can benefit talent and career growth within your employees. Employer Branding does not take a day off, either.

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    But what should you do over the holidays to keep your Employer Branding Strategy going while you plan for the next year?

    New Year, New Me

    Some people swear by this. And in the “new me” they include changing jobs, for different personal or professional reasons. So I advise you to get ready for this. Our industry is not a stranger to high turnover rates in specific roles, if you have seen in previous years high turnover during this season for some jobs, then get to work. If you have done everything in your power, and there are still high turnover rates in those positions, then start building a talent pool that is strong and will save you time!

    Be Present

    Ok not as in being a present under the tree, obviously. But, in the same way, people are looking to change their jobs, you will see people out there applying for a job in your organization during the holidays. And yes, maybe not everyone expects a prompt answer during these times, but it is important you deliver one. Even an automated and semi-personalized response that says “we will check your application soon” will do in this case. It does no good to your brand if they apply and after 2-3 holiday weeks they have not heard from you.

    Create Content

    Remember one important aspect of your Employer Branding Strategy is how consistent and present you are in your channels. Do not shut down for the holidays, even if it means you have to work on 4 gears in the weeks prior. Your Employer Branding needs to show off during the holidays. The world is on holiday, yes, but people will still be interested in checking you out, and if they see you do not post during those times, they will probably get turned off when thinking of applying to your organization. Schedule your holiday post and you’ll be good to go! Your content always works for you!


    Have I told you how important communication with your employees is? yeah, probably like a dozen times! But these times require more communication. No, I don’t mean you need to be sending 7 emails to each of your employees. But, if you are holding any corporate holiday activity, make sure they have input in them and that no one is left behind! Regardless of your team’s beliefs, I suggest you gather everyone or small teams and have an activity where you are able to share your experiences of the year and your expectations for the next. Either a Secret Santa or a Company dinner, this time is for everyone to get together, and you should show your employees this is important for you!

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    Holidays Employer Branding

    Company Awards!

    We like to put all our efforts into our jobs and be recognized for everything we accomplished. So, take the time, during the activities you plan, to congratulate and thank top performers. You can set different categories, depending on what your departments and business goals are, but you should always take the time to give recognition to your employees and team members. And these times, where everyone is more spirited and sensitive, is a good one to show how grateful you are for their good job!


    Yes, fish don’t sleep, but we are humans. We want to spend time with our loved ones and at home. Be next to the fireplace sharing a hot mug of chocolate and marshmallows. We want to experience that what Norwegians call Koselig. Plan your team’s shifts and times so they can spend at least one holiday with their families and friends. Maybe you won’t be able to clear the farm for all your employees to spend their Christmas day at home, but try to provide some flexibility on their schedules, so they feel rested, cared for, and loved!

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