Because you are not alone. We are a driven and creative aquaculture, seafood and fisheries community. And this will be our meeting place.

    Because if on AquacultureTalent we provide you with the most relevant executive search and recruitment services, here we come with the follow-up. Because we want to be part of not only the recruitment process. We want to stay with you even after hiring, to talk not only about candidates, but also about employees.

    Because it is our belief that in human resources more important than resources is the human factor. Because we are super-professionals, not superheroes. And we are not afraid to show our human side, the one that makes us unique both at work and at home.

    Because we know you want to be up to date with what’s going on in the aquaculture, seafood and fisheries industry and be inspired, so we’ll revolutionize Storytelling, Employer Branding. Because we should repeat to ourselves every day how exciting it is to have on hand every day the most valuable resources that exist: human resources.

    From interviews, case studies, talent and companies stories, employer branding, industry insights and news to advertising, our mix of curated and exclusive original content is designed to bring awareness and provide creative solutions dedicated for the Aquaculture, Seafood, Fisheries communities.

    Because it ‘s not just about Aquaculture, Seafood, Fisheries industry, it’s also about us, about the people behind industry. WE ARE AQUACULTURE!

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    Growth and Marketing Manager

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    Editor - WeAreAquaculture

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