Norway may alter “traffic light” system and start taxing salmon lice

    Norway government report recommends "comprehensive management system" for aquaculture, including taxing sealice and changing licencing rules.

    The environmental and controversy debate of SBAP resurfaces in Chile

    The MMA of Chile announced a statement about suspending the granting of new commercial activities within protected areas.

    The Fukushima water spill is starting to take its toll on Japanese seafood products

    The first consequences of the prohibitions that China and Hong Kong imposed on Japanese seafood related to Fukushima are starting to be seen.

    “Choose Seafood with Standards” the GSA campaign to learn about BAP products

    The Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) has announced the launch of its second campaign, "Choose Seafood with Standards".

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    AquaShip hires new Chief Project Officer

    AquaShip has welcomed Åge Molvik as the new Chief Project...

    Swiss Blue Salmon selects VAQ to design its RAS installation

    After what it described as "an intense selection process," the Swiss land-based salmon producer decided to partner with the Norwegian RAS desinger "for the future of salmon farming."

    Chile gets ready for El Niño

    "El Niño will intensify in the spring months, projecting into early summer in the southern hemisphere," said National Director of Sernapesca, Soledad Tapia.

    WINAAS 2023: Highlighting women in aquaculture

    How to spread the message of aquaculture online, sustainable seafood and the role of young professionals in Canadian aquaculture will be the main topics this year at the Women in North American Aquaculture Summit.

    New American company, LocalCoho, receives substantial funding from Cuna del Mar

    LocalCoho, a new land-based company that produces high-quality Coho salmon, has secured significant new funding from Cuna del Mar.

    New RAS project to grow Red Drum, led by ex-Kingfish operator

    Former Kingfish Maine operations manager Megan Sorby is setting up a new land-based project to farm US native Red Drum.

    Derek Kohn will take the helm as the General Manager of BioMar Chile

    From November onward, Derek Kohn will assume the position of General Manager at BioMar Chile, one of the largest businesses of BioMar Group.

    Pancreatic disease outbreak in Ystøya?

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has sounded the alarm over a possible outbreak of pancreatic disease (PD) in Ystøya in the municipality of Alstahaug in Nordland county.

    “Quality over quantity tops employers’ demand”, says AquacultureTalent CEO

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